Do You Have a Conscious Message To Share With The World?

Inspired Freedom Publishing helps individuals and businesses who have a conscious message to share with the world. We help by guiding, creating, publishing their knowledge into various media formats such as digital and physical books, audio books, and even video courses.

The good news is we don't just stop there! The most important thing is you need exposure. We help you market your product online and through various channels to drive sales and get you noticed by the right audience.

What Separates Us From Other Publishing Companies?

Fair Royalty Split

The large overhead costs of a big company and big advertising budgets can use up most of the income. We have a fair percentage model which allows you to profit from your hard work.

Agile & Flexible Process

We adapt to your needs and requirements. Our flexible team can work around any challenge and deliver what you want in a reasonable timeframe.

High Quality End Products

Our editing process is comprehensive and for us, details are very important. Everything from the product formatting, graphic design, and copy must be top notch in order for us to meet our own high standards.

Heart-Centered Support

Unlike cold, corporate entities, we put people & the planet before profits. We are friendly, helpful and always want the best for you, even if it means we have to over deliver on our project. Our values define us.

What Products Do We Publish?

We publish mainly through Amazon, however, we can also publish through Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, and more. We accept non-fiction books and even children's books that have a conscious message and positive intent behind them.

If you're looking to convert an existing book into an audio book, then our professional voices in a variety of accents are available to you.

If you want to create video courses and need guidance and help to structure, film, edit, publish and set up access to your videos, then this is something we specialise in as well.

If you want to create an audio CD, for example meditations with music in the background, then we've got that covered!

What Services Do We Offer?

If you have knowledge or a message you want to share, but are not sure how to structure it effectively, then we can help you map out a logical idea structure that flows well, engages your audience and adds the most value. Think of this as the skeleton of your product - a table of contents for your book, track list for your meditation CD series, or a video module and lesson curriculum for your video course.

If you have your draft manuscript ready, our editing process will help transform your work from something good, to something great. We have a 3-stage editing process that we offer:

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    Content/Structure Editing
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    Proofreading & Grammar

The fonts, layout and visual style of a book as well as the compatibility of the file formats are very important to the overall impact it has on your audience. We use professional book templates compatible across a wide range of platforms and formats.

Visual appeal is important, and therefore we provide top-quality design services including digital & print book covers, CD covers, video thumbnails, etc.

To enhance your marketing, and give your audience a visualisation of your product, even before it's launched, our 3D product mockups give a realistic and professional look to your upcoming masterpiece.

Once we've published your product for you, the next step is to give it exposure to the right audience. We offer Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube advertising services to enhance your product presence online.

How Do I Start Publishing With You?

If you feel we are a good fit for you, then we are delighted to consider your work. All of our clients go through an interview process where their work is reviewed (under a mutual NDA) to see if it aligns with our values, and then a brief interview with the author to get to know them and understand what they need help with.

If the application is successful, we will offer them an opportunity to publish with us and will provide some options that fit their budget and needs that were discussed during the interview.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to speak to one of our client team members to submit your application.

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