Print Books

There's Something Special About Holding Your Creation In Physical Form...

Even though most publishing is done digitally in today's world, we believe printed books still have a unique place. There's something very unique about feeling the weight of the book in your hand, flipping through the pages, and reading ink on paper.

Top Benefits of a Printed Book

Why should you publish a printed book in the digital age? That's a great question, so we've outlined some of the top benefits of why doing so will impact your success as an author...

You will have a piece of yourself in someone's home - their personal space. Whenever your reader looks at your book cover, they'll be reminded of you and encouraged to read the book.

If your book made an impact on your reader, they will be motivated to lend it out to their friends and family members which will further expand your influence in networks you might not be able to reach otherwise.

If you have print version, you will be able to bring your book along to events where people can actually see you're an author, which will boost your credibility and authority.

Experience the feeling of holding your creation physically in your own hands. There's no description of how amazing it feels to hold a physical copy of your own book once published. You'll see...

Your Next Steps

Understand Where You're At

Now that you know the general process for publishing a print book, see where you are currently at. It's important to see where you are in order to be able to move forward and not get stuck.

Decide What Help You Need

After you figured out where you are in the process, now you need to look at the steps ahead and see which areas you need help with the most. Maybe you just need help with a few, or maybe you need everything done for you.

Reach Out To Move Forward

Finally, once you've decided on what you need help with, it's time to reach out to us and we can have a chat about how we can work together to publish your print book. Simply contact us and we'll get back to you shortly to set up a phone chat.

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