High Quality Publishing Services

We have very high standards when it comes to quality. In fact, we've had to turn away clients because they weren't willing to work with us to produce an exceptional end product. Yes, we know we aren't necessarily budget-friendly, but when it's your valuable work at stake, it's worth the price.

It doesn't matter which stage you are in your product development in order to work with us. That's why we offer individual publishing services that you can purchase separately to get help and move you forward to the next steps. We also offer bespoke packages where you can benefit from increased value at a lower overall cost. Have a look below at some of the publishing services we offer...

“It takes great courage to write great books. Find your courage and find your voice.”
― Kristen Lamb

If you're stuck in the beginning stages trying to decide how to structure your book, or need some feedback on what you've already put together, we can provide guidance and valuable insights on how to best create your product.

Every good book needs to have proper editing and proofreading. Through our three-layer process, we can take your book from "good" to "great". This will separate your book from your competition and add that professional touch to it.

How your content looks and is laid out, can make a difference to how it's perceived and will enhance your reader's experience overall. Making sure that your format is compatible across multiple types of media and devices without display errors is essential to give your customers the best experience for their money.

Your book cover is the first point of contact with your potential reader. It's the first impression that can make or break the buying decision. You need something that looks professional, stands out, and embodies the message of your brand and book content. We can design a knock-out book cover according to your vision.

Once your book is ready for publishing, or even in pre-launch phase, you'll need to give your audience a visualisation or representation of how it will look. Our 3D mockups will aid your marketing and get your prospective readers excited to get your product.

The part most authors and creators struggle with the most is getting their new creation seen by the proper audience and getting sales. There are millions of products, but very few good marketers. We fortunately have the digital marketing expertise to promote your product and attract sales.

If you need two or more of the above services, we can put together a package that will be cost effective for you and provide you what you need. Simply contact us with your requirements and we can have a chat about the best solution for you.

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