3D Product Mockups

If They Can Visualise It, It Makes It Real...

Having a 3D mockup of your book, audio track, or video course helps your audience to visualise it as a real physical product, especially if it's digital. These 3D mockups are powerful marketing tools that you can share on social media, put on your website, or place on your sales page that enhances the perception of the value your customer will receive when they purchase your product.

Look at it this way - which would you pay more for? a PDF file that you download, or a 3D image of the book cover that represents the book they will get filled with the solutions they are seeking. Obviously the latter, right?

What Types of 3D Mockups Can I Choose From?

We have a broad selection of 3D covers you can choose from as you can see below.

3D Book Video Mockups

3D Book Image Mockups

  • Hardcover
  • SoftCover
  • Spiral Bound
  • Open Book

What's The Investment?

Each 3D product mockup is priced as follows:

For a single image version: £5 (or $7)
For a single video version: £10 (or $14)

Bulk image pricing:

  • 2 for £8 (or $11)
  • 3 for £11 (or $15)
  • 4 for £13 (or $18)
  • 5 for £15 (or $21)

Bulk video pricing:

  • 2 for £16 (or $22)
  • 3 for £22 (or $30)
  • 4 for £26 (or $36)
  • 5 for £30 (or $42)
  • 6 for £32 (or $45)

What we'll require is your print book or e-book covers. Then we can transform it into a 3D version.

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