Book Formatting

Presentation Is Everything - Does Your Content Actually Look Good?

Imagine a plain, boring, Times New Roman font. Your paragraphs are clumped into huge blocks of text, and your headers look horrendously ugly. Do you think someone would enjoy reading it? Definitely not as much as a book that is well formatted!

When your book is formatted properly, not only will it be more appealing to read, but you'll also avoid all the potential problems that could arise when you go to publish on multiple platforms, in print and/or digitally.

Some of the most common formatting errors include:

  • Incorrect nesting of headers
  • Overly large white spaces between paragraphs
  • Block text which could be broken into smaller paragraphs
  • Images being smaller (or larger) than they should be
  • Images being too pixelated
  • Inconsistent typography or visual styles
  • Hyperlinks not working
  • Text boxes not coming out the way you want them to
  • The trim size and margins of the book is not correct

Based on your book topic and style, we suggest a few universal book templates which eliminates 99% of the formatting errors across multiple platforms, and the remaining 1% (if any) we fix manually.

Not only that, but the fonts are easy to read and the chapter headings and layouts look professional. All book templates have been designed by Book Design Templates. Click on each image to load a PDF sample in a new tab.

  • General
  • Author Series
  • Children Series
  • Poetry & Picture Series

Poetry & Picture Series Book Design Templates




Save yourself the headache, present your content in the most appealing way, and have your book formatted professionally. It's the best way to go.

What's the Investment?

Choose one of the many book design templates above, which will be included in the formatting cost. We charge (by word count) the following rates for book formatting:

£6/thousand words ($9/thousand words)

Minimum order: 20,000 Words

So for a 20,000 word book, that would come to £120 (or $180)

Formatting will automatically make your book ready for both print and e-book format, so you don't have do format it separately, unless you have specific requirements.

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