Pro Self-Publishing Package

The Pro self-publishing package gives you professional marketing service add-ons to boost your book sales once published. Everything in the Plus Package is included, as well as the following services:

Press Release Distribution

We will submit a 300+ written word press release to 350+ live placements for instant online exposure, within 10 days or less, which will give your book the opportunity to be seen on hundreds of websites globally, as well as providing backlinks to your website or book page.

1-Minute Book Promo Video

You'll get a 60 second book promo video that you can use to promote your book on video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or use as a video advert on those platforms. Video has been shown to be more effective in getting viewers to take action.

Amazon KDP Ads Setup & Management

To get more exposure to your book on Amazon, we'll set up an advertising campaign on your KDP account and manage it for 30 days for optimal results. Note: You'll need to budget an extra $10/day ($300) minimum, or more, for the campaign to have the potential to start reaching enough visitors.

Custom Book Domain + Landing Page

In addition to a listing on our site, and a book lead page, you'll get a domain name for your book ( or whichever is available), with a landing page built on it to highlight your book and collect leads. You must provide a hosting account for it (we can recommend one).

5 x 750-Word Blog Articles Written For You

You'll get 5 x 750-word blog articles written that have to do with your book topic, targeting specific keywords, so you have opportunities to show up in search engines (once your domain gains enough backlinks). You can also post these articles on websites such as to reach an existing audience, or post them on social media.

1-Hour Business Strategy Call To Multiply Your Book Profits

During this business strategy call, you'll learn how to turn you book into multiple income streams through creating an audiobook version, video course, membership site, or offering coaching services. You'll learn how to turn a book into a whole brand and business that can potentially create a full time income for you.

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