Book Cover Design


You literally have a split second to capture someone's attention as they scroll through the list of books in your category. Whatever pops out and captures their interest buys you more time for the potential reader to learn more about what's in it for them.

Having a professional book cover that looks great and stands out from your competition is essential to create the initial impression.

Choosing the right images, fonts, colours, and layout will make or break your book, no matter how good the information inside is. If people don't pick it up, it may as well not exist!

That's why you need an expert to turn your book cover, using universal design principles, into a masterpiece that your book is worthy of.

The Benefits

  • Instantly grab attention in the marketplace with a strong and attractive cover design
  • Make people want to open your book to peek inside and learn more, because of its cover
  • Increase sales conversion rates by getting more attention from your book cover
  • Effectively communicate your book message and what it's about, through strong visuals and fonts that pop!

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