Book Format Designs


After you finish your final book manuscript, but before you publish, we recommend a high quality professional formatting process to not only make your book easier to read, but also make it compatible with print and e-book formats, so it displays the fonts and images correctly.

You don't want to have put all of this effort and time into creating your book and leave the "final paint job" undone. It just won't look good if you miss this step. That's why selecting one of the available book design templates will allow you to get this done fast & painless. We offer done-for-you formatting via a selection of book designs we think you'll love.

The Benefits

  • Make your book compatible for both print and e-book versions
  • Create an enjoyable and easy reading experience for your customers when they purchase your book
  • Create a professional first impression that sets you apart from the competition and gives your brand a quality touch
  • Save yourself time & headaches from formatting your book yourself, and instead leave it to the pros who do it right, the first time around

Click on the below images to open a sample PDF of the book format style.

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Done-For-You Starting From $497

Presentation is Everything

Imagine a plain, boring, Times New Roman font. Your paragraphs are clumped into huge blocks of text, and your headers look horrendously ugly. Do you think someone would enjoy reading it? Definitely not as much as a book that is well formatted!

When your book is formatted properly, not only will it be more appealing to read, but you'll also avoid all the potential problems that could arise when you go to publish on multiple platforms, in print and/or digitally.

Based on your book topic and style, we use a selection of universal book templates which eliminates 99% of the formatting errors across multiple platforms, and the remaining 1% (if any) we make sure are fixed.

Some of the most common formatting errors include:

  • Incorrect nesting of headers
  • Overly large white spaces between paragraphs
  • Block text which could be broken into smaller paragraphs
  • Images being smaller (or larger) than they should be
  • Images being too pixelated
  • Inconsistent typography or visual styles
  • Hyperlinks not working
  • Text boxes not coming out the way you want them to
  • The trim size and margins of the book is not correct

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