Our Values

The values we embody attracts authors and creators who resonate with the same energy and mindset. That's why we review each and every application carefully to ensure we work with the right types of people with a conscious message. If you resonate with our values, then most likely you'll be a good fit for us, and we a good fit for you.

Feel into the following values and ask yourself: "Do I Feel This Is Right For Me?". If you F.E.L.T. the answer is yes, then you know what you have to do!


We encourage creative freedom and freedom of speech. In the over-censored world that is filled with fake news and diluted information, we want your light to shine. Also, our generous royalty model allows you to build passive income streams that can help you create additional income to support your lifestyle and do more things you love.


By helping you package and promote your knowledge and message, we indirectly and directly empower you to impact people all over the world. Instead of relying on us, we can give you the guidance, tools and knowledge to further expand your reach over time.


Love is at the heart of everything we do. We love helping people share their message and seeing their joy of being able to impact souls all around the world through their work. We put love into the products and services we offer and it shows. By infusing everything we do with love, everything falls into place at the perfect time.


If we feel you would benefit from a specific product or service, we will be honest and tell you. If you come to us with certain requirements that we see won't be beneficial to your success, we'll also tell you. If your product needs improvement, we'll tell you. It's our intention to help you create an amazing product, and not feed your ego.

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